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"I thoroughly enjoyed working with the CHANT choir. They were a truly inspirational group of young people. I think the idea of involving more young people in this project is a very good one."

- Russell Watson " The Voice "


"The students were buzzing from the experience. They thought Sally was lovely and a great teacher. They also loved performing with Sean!"

"Thank you for giving me the experience of working with a great teacher." - Carter Burnell, age 12

"Thank you. It got rid of my nerves." - Kian Hegarty, age 12

"Thank you. The atmosphere was just amazing!" - Melissa Wallis, age 15

"Thank you. It was a great experience singing with a fantastic Opera singer!" - Lucy Crispin, age 15

"The Chant team were very inspiring for our students. Working with the company provided our choir with the opportunity to:

  • Develop confidence
  • Gain an insight into the professional world of Performing Arts
  • Perform in front of a huge audience.

Many thanks for such an exciting experience. We are looking forward to working and performing with you again."
Amy Thompson, Assistant Curriculum Leader of the Performing Arts with responsibility for Dance and Drama

"The experience of meeting new people from Chant was a great way of boosting my confidence and the fact that we actually performed in front of all those people and players, really inspired me to do/be anything I have ever wanted."